New York State Police have CANCELLED an abduction adult alert! The missing person has been found and is safe.

This was an alleged abduction of a missing vulnerable adult.

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According to a tweet by the New York State Police, this is an abduction adult alert issued for an unknown black female who is believed to be endangered. Law Insider defines 'endangered' as 'an individual that is believed to be in danger because of age, health, mental or physical disability or is believed to be unable to return to safety without assistance.'

New York State Police report that the missing adult was last seen on Peoples Avenue near 15th Street in Troy, NY. The individual was last seen Friday 6/2, at approximately 7:15pm, as she was being forced into a silver 2015 Mercedes Benz GK3 SUV.


As officers proceed with this case any information that you have pertaining to this situation would be helpful. Here are some of the descriptions to be aware of;

    • Missing Adult - Female
    • Missing Adult - Black
    • 2015 Mercedes Benz GK3 SUV
      • New York registration KAH2293
    • Subject involved in abduction - Male

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