You Know You're in Upstate NY When...

Here's reason number 3,968 that you know you're from Upstate NY.  An actual wayward goat - not Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, or Michael Jordan - somehow meandered into a Dollar General Store in Upstate NY.

Even here in Upstate NY, where strange wildlife encounters aren't anything out of the ordinary, this isn't something you see every day: a lost goat hanging out inside a Dollar General.  But that is exactly what happened according to the Hudson Falls Police Department on Monday.

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There's a Goat Inside a Dollar General

According to their Facebook page, police in Hudson Falls were dispatched to the Dollar General located at 343 Main Street "for a report of a goat inside of the store."

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We're not sure why a goat wandered into this Dollar General in Upstate NY. Perhaps she and her family were "butting heads," but we are happy to report that she was returned home safely! Photo: Google Maps

The Hudson Falls Police, confused as you can imagine, added, "It turns out this lady was getting some shopping done."

No Kidddding! An actual goat found its way inside a store in Hudson Falls. She's been happily reunited with her owner!
No Kidddding! An actual goat found its way inside a store in Hudson Falls. She's been happily reunited with her owner!

At the time, the Upstate NY police department was hoping to find its owner adding, "If she belongs to you or you have any information that would help to return her home, please contact the HFPD non-emergency line at (518)747-4011."

The Goat Returned to its Owner

On Tuesday, we learned that the goat was returned home to its rightful owner.

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