On February 2, 2024, Groundhog day took place and our favorite furry weather predictor claimed that we would have an early spring. Not too long after this prediction, we experienced warmer weather in the Hudson Valley.

I've noticed Hudson Valley residents spending more time outdoors as soon as the weather got warmer and the sun became brighter.

The first day of spring kicked off on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. With the return of spring in the Hudson Valley, more outdoor activities and events have been starting in our area. 

As the weather continues to warm up, Hudson Valley residents can look forward to some of their favorite businesses reopening as well.

Here's The Most Underrated Activity To Explore This Spring In The Hudson Valley

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The Hudson Valley is an ideal area for taking day trips. Locals or visitors can explore all that the Hudson Valley has to offer from hiking trails to local eateries, historical sites and more.

I've been to a lot of different museums within New York state and one of my favorite museums exists in Sullivan County, NY.

This museum is a unique experience for all ages, not only is it fun, exciting and filled with bright colors, it also allows guests to learn about history that takes place on site.

The Museum at Bethel Woods highlights the 1969 Woodstock Museum Festival which played a significant role throughout the world and continues to bring people together to this day.

When Will Bethel Woods Center For The Arts Museum Open?

The Museum at Bethel Woods is located at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts which is the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Museum Festival.

While some attendees visit for their concerts, others also enjoy exploring their Bindy Baazar Trail, concerts in the Event Gallery, attending classes, exhibits and events as well.

The Museum at Bethel Woods is a groovy place where visitors can step back in time to experience the history of the 1960's and hear personal stories from those who attended the festival. This museum is unique, has fun photo opportunities to engage in, videos to watch and knowledge to gain from their time in The Museum at Bethel Woods.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts made an announcement on their social media platforms. They shared,

"We are so excited that there is only ONE more week until The Museum at Bethel Woods is officially open for the season 🎉☮️"

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts will open on April 1, 2024. Their museum will be open daily until December 31, 2024 from 10am until 5pm.

Guests can purchase their tickets on Bethel Woods Center for the Arts website.

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What Events Will Take Place With Bethel Woods Center For The Arts And Their Museum?

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts shared additional information about their museum and upcoming events.

They shared,

"Join us for our Educators Open House on April 11!"


"As you mingle with colleagues and enjoy refreshments and appetizers, discover the many ways in which Bethel Woods can partner with school groups and educators to bring the vibrant and inspiring decade of the 1960s to life."

Those who are interested in this event can RSVP on Bethel Woods Center for the Arts website.

Bethel Woods Game Changing New Feature Will Make Concert Season Better

Canva, Bethel Woods, Facebook
Canva, Bethel Woods, Facebook

Did you hear about Bethel Woods Center for the Arts game changing new feature?

Bethel Woods confirmed a game changing new feature happening in 2024.

They shared,

"From May-October, guests can enjoy a variety of camping types on concert and festival days, all with stunning views of the Bethel Woods campus and surrounding landscape of the 1969 Woodstock festival site."

Guests can now take in Bethel Woods Center for the Arts new camping features after an enjoyable concert and/or festival experience.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts also shared that guests can choose from different options such as pitching your own tent to glamping or in your RV.

According to Bethel Woods, there will be two camping locations for attendees. Those who are camping on site can do so in Pavilion Camping and Best Road Camping.

Additional information about Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and their camping options can be found on their website.

What Concerts Will Take Place At Bethel Woods Center For The Arts In 2024?

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts keeps adding exciting shows to their 2024 concert season. In fact, Bethel Woods concert lineup for 2024 spans all generations.

One of my favorite parts about spring and summer is attending Bethel Woods concerts and spending time on the peaceful grounds. I feel as if Bethel Woods is a safe space for all age groups.

While attending one of their Dead & Co. concerts, I saw young children dancing alongside more mature adults while they were having fun and living in the moment. Those experiences are something that I hold close to my heart and cherish as a happy memory.

Guests can experience intimate performances in the Event Gallery and spend time outdoors for their pavilion concerts as well.

Santana will return to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts this summer along with Alanis Morissette, Luke Bryan, James Taylor and other talented performers.

For a complete list of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts 2024 concert season, music lovers can visit 94.3 Lite FM and Bethel Woods website for details.

11 Highlights of Bethel Woods Last Concert of The Season

Bethel Woods Last Concert Of The Season Ended With Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart took the stage at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on September 1, 2023. Cheap Trick opened the show for Rod Stewart.

Thousands of fans gathered on site to enjoy a warm summer night at a peaceful venue while soaking up the last concert of the season.

Rod Stewart's performance was incredible, it reminded me of a Las Vegas show. For over 2 hours, Rod Stewart sang, danced, changed outfits, chatted with the crowd and had remarkable singers, dancers and musicians also join him on stage.

Take a look at 11 highlights of the Bethel Woods last concert of the season.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

5 Ways To Know It's Spring In The Hudson Valley

I always know that spring has started when I first hear the sound of spring peepers. This may also consist of flowers start to blossom, the greenery throughout mother nature and return of several wildlife critters.

Others may also agree and share their opinions too.

As we are different people, we notice things differently as well. While someone takes an interest in a woodpecker in the tree on a soothing morning, someone else may notice a lawnmower humming noise during their breakfast.

On WRRV, a Facebook post asked local residents to share their opinion.

The question stated:

"Tell me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley without telling me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley, GO!"

Hudson Valley residents were not shy when it came to answering this question. Let's take a look at ways we can notice that it's spring in the Hudson Valley from all age groups and different locations.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,

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