Residents who live near the area are being warned about the potential mess. There are so many film and television productions that are being filmed in the Hudson Valley and for as cool as it is, it can cause major traffic issues. One city in the Hudson Valley is putting out a warning about some parking issues that could happen next week.

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Where will filming be going on in Kingston, NY?


Wow, during the week of February 6th- February 11th there will be parking restrictions in the City of Kingston to be aware of. The filming will take place at several downtown locations and near the YMCA.  The Kingston Police Department and Fire Departments will have officers on-site while the filming is going on.

The specific breakdown of the filming:

There's a lot of information to be mindful of during that week. Residents are being advised to plan ahead and leave early when they are planning on going by those filming areas. No details about what's being filmed has been released so if you find out or notice something cool about it, please let us know on the station app.

More filming:

It always seems like there's something cool going on around here. Here's a chance to get your car in a film and it's one of the newest productions that's happening in the area. Hollywood actresses and actors also always seem to be always running the Hudson Valley and some of them might be surprising to you.

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