Are you a proud legal gun owner in New York State? Do you want to bring your firearm with you where ever you go? That is your legally right, if you have a permit for the gun, but even though you have your permit/license, there are a few places in New York State that you cannot legally bring your gun with you.

Where are those places? Can you be arrested and lose your gun rights if you bring your firearm with you to the following spots? Or is it a matter of "You're not breaking the law if no one knows?"

Where are you not allowed to bring your gun in New York State?

Photo by Arnav Singhal on Unsplash and canva
Photo by Arnav Singhal on Unsplash and canva

There are places that you can legally not bring your gun, these places include houses worship, medical facilities, schools, daycares, public transportation and even places that sell alcohol. 

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Where else can you not have a firearm in your possession in New York State?

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Think that the list above was already pretty limiting? The list is even larger, and honestly there are more places that are being added to the "Can't Carry" locations on a weekly basis.

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You can also not legally carry your firearm on anything that is deemed Federal, State or Local Government (including courthouses, and business offices). There are also metal detectors at most of them, which means lock the gun properly in the car.

Lastly, thinking about heading to a location where there is gambling? Including just the video terminals? Or what about the movie theater, or the entirety of Times Square? Yep, those are all on the not allowed to carry list. What is the oddest place that you know of that you are not legally allowed to carry your firearm in New York State?

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