For the first time I can remember since leaving the Siena Men's basketball program, Jamion Christian talks with us about life after the Saints and how he is handling this pandemic. Did Coach Christian follow Siena closely this season and what did he think of their success in the MAAC? Make sure to listen above and to Big Board Sports every weekday from 10 AM to 1 PM.

And what did Coach think of the possible new transfer rule that is close to passing and how it effects his recruiting process? I will say that if the NCAA does pass that new transfer rule in May, it will be a nightmare for low and Mid-Major College Basketball programs. If the new rule passes it would allow any student athlete to transfer immediately without having to sit out. Can you imagine? A player who gets an offer to play for a Power 5 school walks out the door, no questions ask. If that’s the case, then college coaches should only recruit Junior College Transfers, otherwise your taking a big gamble they won’t be around for 4 years.

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