As one-third of ESPN Radio's national morning show "Keshawn, Jay Will, and Zubin" also known as "KJZ" Jay Williams has made a lot of adjustments over the last six months but the way he judges athletes isn't one of them. Jay Will knows all about the pressures of playing in the NBA and now all about how the media will direct athletes comments for a story. So now that Jay Will is with the media how does he see the comments of a controversial NBA star like Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving?

The bottom line is Jay Will believes stars get paid to play on the court not for what they say to the media. "We put athletes on these pedestals when they sign these $40 million contracts but they don't get paid that for how they handle the media." Williams said "they get paid that for how they play on the court." I feel like that's a fair point when you really think about it. If the team is willing to sign someone they know isn't the most "polished" or even "politically correct" that's up to them.

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