Jeff Gordon pulls a very lame move during the AdvoCare 500 on Sunday when he decided to wreck Clint Bowyer.  Mayhem ensues.

Jeff Gordon lost his cool at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday when he caused Clint Bowyer to crash.  Clint Bowyer and his crew then lost their cool when they confronted Gordon and his pit crew.  Brad Keselowski then lost his cool after the race when he described Gordon losing his cool on the race track.  The whole scene wasn’t cool.

It’s a joke that Gordon would force Bowyer to crash.  Bowyer made contact with Gordon with 7 laps to go.  The contact forced a flat tire that Gordon was none too pleased about.  Gordon then wrecked Bowyer with 2 laps to go.  Wow, great job, Jeff.  You showed Bowyer.  You basically lost a ton of respect with NASCAR drivers and fans just to wreck a guy who was still competing for a championship.  Brutal.

Brad Keselowski dropped several f-bombs in a post-race interview while describing the actions by Gordon and Bowyer.  He said it was ridiculous that he gets labeled as a guy with a “death wish” while Gordon and Bowyer were “trying to kill each other.”  I have to agree with Keselowski that the scene was terrible.  However, dropping f-bombs and cussing like a sailor is hardly professional either.

For more on the AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday and a look at the entire Sprint Cup Standings, click here.  104.5 The Team’s Scott Blaine did a great job recapping the day on our website.  Good job, Scotty.  WOOO!  (Scotty and I can be heard in the hallways of Townsquare Media Albany yelling Ric Flair WOOO’s constantly.  Hey, it’s how we roll.  Let us be.)

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