Panther’s owner Jerry Richardson is being a bigger ass then the one Kim Kardashian crams in her size 4 dress.

The NFL meetings have yielded little results as far as a new collective bargaining agreement is concerned, but the room has a feeling of respect towards one another except for Jerry Richardson.  Richardson is being a disrespectful douche; questioning the intellect of Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees, asking “what the hell they know about Player Safety” and if they can read a spread sheet.


 Come on now Jerry Richardson, you’re the owner of the Carolina Panthers. Your team generates like 23 dollars a year compared to the big boy teams like the Giants and Cowboys. You live off the back of the other teams in the league, and last I checked you have the number one draft pick in the league which you don’t get for finishing first buddy. You usually get that if you’re a poorly run organization, with no sign of winning in the near future

I know I sided with the owners on this subject, and with good reason. But a guy like Jerry Dickardson (I mean Richardson) just openly disrespecting players Manning’s and Brees’s caliber just makes me feel bad for the players.  That is conclusion that the rest of American’s are coming to as well.  What needs to happen now is Jerry is removed from talks all together and Commissioner Goodell steps in and takes over talks. 

 Jerry is damming his team for years; players won’t want to play for a guy that they know doesn’t care about them and doesn’t respect them when then can get the same money from someone that does.  Jerry as a former player should know the value of what a star player brings to the team.  He wasn’t a star, in fact he was cut after 2 seasons (maybe that’s why he is so bitter) with the Baltimore Colts.

To make a long story short if this guy keeps standing up and making fun of any player that talks in these meetings a deal will never get done. So Jerry as a fan I beg you to sit your ass down and shut the hell up…… thank you