It's truly the end of an era in professional wrestling.

This week World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced that Jerry "The King" Lawler will no longer be featured as a ringside color commentator during its wrestling broadcasts.

The WWE Hall of Famer that has been a staple on the microphone since the mid-1990s will take the biggest step back of his 30-plus years announcing matches and will only be featured in studio pre-shows. This is a particularly tough pill to swallow for fans of old-school wrestling as Lawler's voice has seamlessly connected generations. So as the "The King" steps away from his ringside throne, let's take a look at 10 of the best cutting one-liners that the sharp tongued legend is known for.

10) "He tried to enter an ugly contest and the judge said, 'Sorry, no professionals.'"

9) "Look at Chainsaw's head...I've seen better heads on a pimple!"

8) "One time I blew in her ear and she said 'thanks for the refill!'"

7) "Want to know how I impress girls at the gym? I do pull-ups. I pull up in a Corvette. I pull up in a Cadillac.  I pull up in a Mercedes."

6) KoKo B. Ware is a crossword wrestler. Enters the ring vertically and leaves horizontally!"

5) "I heard he was so ugly as a kid, they put him in a corner and fed him with a slingshot."

4) "He paints his trash cans red and gold so his kids think they're eating at McDonalds"

3) "Most of his Christmas spirit is 80 proof."

2) "He was such an ugly baby when he was born his mother got a ticket for littering"

1) "Andy Kaufman's mom wanted a girl, his dad wanted a boy, and both were satisfied!"

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