1 thing you can count on, make bank on, even bet on, is that under the guise of being a " journalist" many of the folks covering the NY Jets are nothing more then hacks with an agenda. that agenda is no matter what the case, the situation, bury the Jets with lies and a slant.

Let's take the latest flare up for yet another example. This laughable Mark Sanchez " controversy" about playing in the 4th quarter vs the NY Giants on Saturday night.

Moron "journalist" all sound the same. It was a terrible decision by head coach Rex Ryan, or Ryan should be fired for putting Sanchez in the game. Tell me has mediocre ever been coddled so much as Sanchez?

It started last season full force. The same "journalist" that hates ardent Christians buried Tim Tebow. let me repeat that again. Journalist HATES ardent Christians, especially if they happen to be Caucasian ( See the late  Reggie White-aka the minister of defense for a being  very religious Black man who was never mocked for fear of being called a racist). Tebow was mocked, belittled, pounded on, trashed by these hacks and for no reason other then his religious beliefs. Yet  Jet Journalist" all whined how it was wrong for Sanchez to actually have competition for the job. When has mediocre ever been so coddled? No matter what Tebow is as a QB, and he isn't very good, the way he was belittled by "journalist" was appalling.

Fast forward to Saturday night. Anyone that has been paying attention knows that Sanchez is in a battle for a starters job. Nobody-NOBODY acknowledges different. Yet somehow Sanchez couldn't be brought into the game cause it was the 4th quarter, says "journalist"......Interesting. Tell me liar-I mean "journalist" how can you be in a position battle and yet not be allowed to compete for that position? Answer you can't. But "journalist" makes it sound like it was an affront  to bring Sanchez in the game, with the game still up for grabs, and Sanchez a chance to drive the Jets to a possible winning score and build his confidence. But some how liar- errr "journalist" thought it was disrespectful. Really? Why is that "journalist"?

"Journalist" will drone on and on how Sanchez was playing behind 2nd and 3rd stringers but what the liars won't put in the same sentence is that the Giants were using their 2nd and 3rd string defense. Another words fair fight!

"Journalist" never mentioned in the stories I saw how Sanchez was not good-AGAIN. Threw 1 ball into the backside of a lineman ( what is it with Sanchez and his offensive lineman's buttocks anyhow) then fumbled a snap and was lazy to get on the ground and cover the ball. Yet somehow it was terrible that Sanchez was in the game. Some even claimed the " worst coaching decision ever" in a preseason game. Yet no mention how Tom Coughlin, Giants head coach, played for OT in a meaningless exhibition game.

Bottom line is this. Journalism used to be about facts and neutrality. It's the reason I never went into journalism. I am not neutral and I am not ashamed or afraid to admit that. Yet gutless "journalist" has this frothing want to be seen as "neutral" and without opinion. Yeah and I have a Miley Cyrus stripping pole to sell you.

So "journalist" doesn't hammer Coughlin for playing for OT in a clown game but does rip Ryan for allowing 2 players competing for a job to compete.

" Journalist" is also incapable of taking and defending the hard or not so easily seen option. They are for the most part go alongs to get alongs. What if Sanchez started would it have been the worst decision to bring in Geno Smith in that same situation? If not why not? I personally can't think of a better time to test a QB's mettle, real or exhibition. 4th quarter drives to win a game show more then some 2nd quarter drive in my view.

Now sports being the " toy department" of life all this doesn't change the world for the better or worse. Real life "journalism" is even more insidious but that's another article for another medium on another day.

You can usually count on "journalist" to take the easy position, the position that requires no thought,or the obvious position."Journalist" along with school teacher (not all-just most) have been the main culprit in "dumbing down" the people of this country in my view. Saturday nights Jets-Giants game is just the latest example of what a disgrace this title means to me and millions of others.

If  Jet "journalist" had an ounce of integrity they would just admit they hate Ryan and be done with it instead of this joke agenda they have been promoting the past 2 years. But they don't so you can expect this trash to continue on. Is it any wonder the higher percentage of folks have turned to talk radio and the internet and turned away from newspapers and TV sportscaster. At least on radio and the net you don't have to pretend to be something you aren't in order for people to be interested in whatever it is you are dishing and discussing.

I would be ashamed to be called a "journalist" and glad my life's ambitions never led me down that path!

The real definition of "journalist" should be this- A hack, afraid to just dish the facts and not smart enough to think through a position,  but rather too lazy to do anything more then go along to get along and too afraid to think for themselves. Easy to grab the obvious.

The real losers are regular folks who actually think these so called 'journalists' are anything more then what I defined them as, and really believe these 'journalists" are any smarter then you're average 5th grader.

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