Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions in a 24 to 17 loss to the Eagles over the weekend. With Geno Smith in the shadows, is Fitzpatrick on a short leash?

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“I don’t think it’s particularly short right now,” said ESPN’s Adam Schefter, with ‘Armen and Levack’, on Monday. “I think they’re happy with him the first few games of the season.

“It’s interesting that question comes up now but after they beat the Colts in Indianapolis in the second game of the season, nobody was talking about any kind of leash with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“But that’s what you get with him. He’s been a part-time starter, usual backup, type quarterback. He’s had a very successful career. He’s played well. You’ll get games like you had yesterday where there were turnovers but the fact of the matter is that he’s done a solid job through three games and the Jets would like to continue on in that regard.”

Fitzpatrick was the backup quarterback whenever Smith broke his jaw in the off-season after a punch to the face in the locker room. Since then, Fitzpatrick, at times, has been good enough to many had wondered if Smith would get back to the top of the depth chart this year.

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