The New York Jets put up one hell of a fight against the Houston Texans on Saturday and probably should of won the game. We ask starting Left Tackle for the Jets Kelvin Beachum Jr if he ever loses sleep over a potential match up with defensive linemen like JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney? Beachum's answer was confident and what I've come to expect from him "They better worry about these Hands!" The answer from Beach that perked my ears up was when we asked about the upcoming Jets Patriots game.

You almost always get the next game up answer when you ask if a team or player is looking forward to a game that isn't the next game but Beachum admitted he has an eye on the last game of the season. He acknowledge the Packers were next and that's where his focus is but the perfect end to this year would be a victory over the Patriots.


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