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Seth Greenberg Talks Brackets With Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
It's always great to hear from ESPN College Basketball insider Set Greenberg. Sadly this year he can't help us break down the NCAA Championship Bracket but luckily thanks to the creative minds at the Mother-ship he can break down the bracket for the best college player of all time.
Ian O'Connor On Why Tom Brady Left New England
ESPN Senior Writer Ian O'Connor wrote the New York Times Best Seller "Belichick" so he's the perfect one to talk to about what went wrong between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Why is Brady heading to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and what's next for the Patriots?
Week One Of The XFL Kicks Off This Weekend
With the NFL season over and the Kansas City Chiefs crowned as champs, normally football would be over BUT NOT THIS YEAR! The XFL is back and kicks off this Saturday. Here is the full slate of this week's games and details on how you can join us when we go see the New York Guardians host the Lo…
The Voice Of Super Bowl 54 Joins Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
When it comes voices you associate with great sports moments, Kevin Harlan's voice is the top of the list. Kevin Harlan will be the voice of Super Bowl 54 right here on 104.5 The Team this Sunday. Harlan was nice enough to join Levack and Goz on Radio Row at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Mike Golic Sr Joins Levack And Goz In Miami [AUDIO]
Mike Golic Sr has been a morning radio staple in the Capital Region for years. Golic and Wingo are such favorites that the Beef Jerky Outlet wanted to make sure they sent a little care package along with us to Radio Row. The Big Fella breaks down the Super Bowl and the biggest stories from Radio Row…
XFL Commissioner Helps Levack Taunt Goz (AUDIO)
As soon as the XFL announced they would have a team in New York I got excited. I love football and the XFL will help with my post Super Bowl withdrawal. However Goz took the stance of "the league will never even kickoff." So of course we decided to settle our discussion as only two mature …
Mike Golic Jr Joins Levack And Goz On Radio Row SB 54
Every morning you wake up with Golic and Wingo right here on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio and one of the voices that wakes you up is Mike Golic Jr. Golic Jr has quickly raised through the ESPN ranks and now shares a morning show with his father and Trey Wingo. Golic Jr AKA GoJo breaks down Super Bowl 5…
Betting Insiders Preview Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets
With the law makers in New York legalizing Sports Betting earlier this year it's opened a different way to preview the Big Game. With multiple Sports Betting insiders Joining us I decided to put them all in one blog to give us all the best chance to potentially cash in on Super Bowl 54.

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