Football teams call it a depth chart. Depending on the position that depth chart can go 7-8 deep. The Jets  QB depth chart could be 5 deep. It's ugly. It's dismaying. It's frustrating. It will be the Jets 2013 death chart!

Ok now some of these might be projections and rumors but let's roll with it. Obviously Mark Sanchez tops the chart. As the incumbent  that's just natural. Based on Sanchez 2012 season what are we Jet fans to expect? A revival? Sorry not feeling revived.

2nd up if he stays is Tim Tebow. New Jet GM John Idzik claims Tebow has not been written out of the picture despite the conjecture. We shall see. But again let's roll with it. I love Tebow.............The person. Tebow the QB. Not good enough. The numbers are the numbers and yes he won games no denying but let's be honest it wasn't with stellar, steady, quarterback play. Sorry Tim I just don't have faith in you leading my Jets to the playoffs.

Ok next up appears to be David Garrard if and when he signs. I like Gerard but again let's be serious. Nobody is buying a ticket to see David Garrard. That's just real. he hasn't started a game in the national Football League in 2 years. Come on. Why not try and coax Joe Namath out of retirement. Garrard has had knee issues. His nimbleness can't be what it was now at the age of 35. Garrard is from New Jersey but with all due respect if he is going to go home again why does that have to be possibly behind center for the Jets?

Ok now major rumor. Brady Quinn? Really? No seriously? I mean he has bombed out in chances with the Browns, Broncos, and now the Chiefs in that order,. So I ask again Really?

Ok let's not forget Greg McElroy is still hanging around. I admit I wanted to see him late last year. My eyes still hurt from seeing that. Ok that may be a tad bit over reaction but still. YIKES!

Oh we can't just forget the jets intend on drafting a QB if for no other reason then trying to find 1 for the future. They seemed to like Mike Glennon of NC State. Ok I am not screaming. Personally I like Tyler Bray of Tennessee but no one is talking about him. That concerns me. The kid is big, ran a pro style offense in college. However he is an under classman and perhaps that is of concern. However if this is for the ' future" that should not matter. Either way the Jets are drafting a QB if not 2. Not likely but it's a need and if something slips their way you never know.

Ladies and gents I present you the NY Jets QB "death" chart. How you feeling Jet fan because this list I am thinking is keeping no defensive co-ordinators up late at night.