OK, I still think Tim Tebow has no chance of playing in a Major League Baseball game. You don't just take 11 years off and step on to the greatest collection of talent in the world. Baseball is a skill sport that requires some grace and elegance, not just brute force, which is what Tebow used mostly during his football career.

But I have to give him credit, Tebow certainly looks like he knows what he's doing when it comes to holding the bat.

Now, the questions remain, can he hit 90 MPH? Can he hit 95 MPH? How about 100? Can he play defense at a professional caliber? How are his routes in the outfield? Is he accurate via his throws that need to hit bases or relay men?

Tebow will most likely a shot to play play somewhere professionally, but I don't see it lasting beyond the independent circuit or the lower level minors.


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