The Tim Tebow experiment has run its course. It is time for the New York Mets organization to end the nonsense. Just a few weeks ago I was there at NBT Bank Stadium for a weekend double header to watch the Heisman Trophy wining college football quarterback play. I have a friend who works with the team and he showed me the lineup. I saw something I have never seen more at any level of a baseball.There on the lineup was a designated hitter batting ninth. NINTH!  I understand why a DH was batting ninth in this unique situation. The Syracuse Mets wanted the crowd to see Tim Tebow play. At some point, the allure of seeing Tim Tebow can not outweigh his actual performance on the field. There are no more excuses for being in the lineup.

I have been asking this same question since he played his first game in the Mets minor system. How much more revenue has Tim Tebow REALLY brought to these teams? What are the numbers? 20% increase in tickets sales? 30% growth in merchandise? Not one single media outlet has provided that information. Darren Rovell who loves any sports fact you can find, somehow has not cracked that case?

So we do not know how much revenue Tim Tebow has truly generated for the Mets minor league clubs. He is batting .130 with thirty two strikeouts in just twenty three games. That is not anywhere close to any baseball player that should be in a starting lineup. His overall batting average in his minor league career is a dreaful .233.

Should Michael Jordan have played in the major leagues? That random question may catch you off guard. Few if any sports fan in the mid 1990s would argue His Airness should have been playing in the starting lineup on a regular basis at Comisky Park. Yet when you compare their Double A stats, MJ had more hits, RBIs and runs scored than Tim Tebow. Even the biggest Tim Tebow fans would never argue Tebow was/is/will ever be a bigger draw than Michael Jordan. Some Mets fans still want to see Tebow in the MLB? Stop! The Tebow experiment needs to end, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Do you agree that it is time to end the Tim Tebow experiment with the New York Mets franchise? Let us know below.

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