I know he's the "face of the franchise" but the Jets should bench Mark Sanchez.  Why you ask?

I've got 3 simple reasons:

HE'S SLUMPING:  He's got 12 interceptions in his last 8 games and has now thrown picks in 8 straight games. Keep in mind, he didn't throw an interception in his first 5 games. He's got a 75.2 rating (he's 28th out of 31 QB's). He's only ahead of Favre, Derek Anderson and Jimmy Clausen. Hasselback, Henne and Carson Palmer have a better QB rating than him.

THE TEAM NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING TO SHAKE IT UP: This team is at a crossroads right now. You can't fire the head coach so you have to make another personnel move. It's a quarterback's league and the QB is the face of your team.  The team is struggling - so something needs to be done to change that.  This is a Super Bowl caliber team (allegedly), so why wait until Sanchez finds himself.  This isn't "AAA" baseball - I don't have the time to wait for my quarterback to "work it out."

HE'S TAKEN A STEP BACK: Perhaps he's not the franchise QB we all thought he was after the first 5 games of the season and last season's playoffs. You can't continue to coddle him anymore like the Jets did early this season. They finally took the training wheels off and let him go and that hasn't worked either.  Sanchez just looks lost, confused, scared and discouraged out there.

I don't know if benching Sanchez is the perfect solution but do you have any better ideas?