In case you haven't heard, Gary Sanchez is heating up; and once again, he's doing it in the month of August. In his first two seasons, Gary Sanchez has become a completely elevated hitter in August; putting up statistics that make one think...coincidence?

Last season, Sanchez began his meteoric rise in the middle of August. And he never let up. In 2016, Sanchez hit 11 home runs from August 10th to August 27th, while racking up 21 RBI's in just 24 games. The statistic that stood out most last August was Sanchez's batting average; a whopping .389. Compare that to his .225 BA in the month of September last season, and his August numbers are even more astounding.

This August, Sanchez is continuing his hot streak. Through August 23rd, Sanchez has hit 10 home runs this month. If you take the amount of home runs Sanchez has hit this month, it is more than 29 other applicable MLB catchers have on the season. That's 72% of MLB catchers. On Tuesday, he also hit the second longest home run of the 2017 season at 493ft; second only to his teammate Aaron Judge (495ft).

But his hot streak doesn't stop there. He's batting .311 in August with 21 RBI's in just 20 games. Compare that to Judge's historic month of June, and we could be seeing one of the best offensive performances in MLB history:

Judge (June 2017)Sanchez (August 2017, thru AUG 23rd)
Batting Average.324.311
Home Runs1010

Is it an anomaly that Sanchez gets hot in August? Maybe. But one thing is for sure, Sanchez is easily the best hitting catcher in baseball. Given his ability to hit to all-fields and knack for getting to pitches low in the zone (25 of his 46 career HR's have been hit from a low leverage point), combined with his crazy amount of power, who knows what numbers Sanchez can put up in the future. At this rate, should he stay healthy, Sanchez could become one of the best hitting catchers we may ever see.

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