It's been awhile since we've had to talk about Aaron Rodgers, hasn't it?

Sure, he made headlines a few months back for his comments about Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein, but since that time, there's been a surprising lack of Rodgers-related content to discuss.

That was the case until Tuesday, when reports began to surface that Rodgers might be dipping his toe into the political world in the near future.

*Takes deep breath* Alright, let's get into this.

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks In Grand Rapids, Michigan
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. / Getty Images

Per ESPN and The New York Times, Rodgers and former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura are on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s short list to be his running mate on an independent presidential ticket in November.

Stop laughing, I'm serious.

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As confirmed by reports, Kennedy and Rodgers have been speaking pretty continuously over the last month. Though the position hasn't been offered to either Rodgers or Ventura, both have been open to the idea.

This is my favorite detail of the story: the domain name was registered last week using a GoDaddy host.

It could be a complete coincidence, but for the sake of this story, I highly doubt it.

Aaron Rodgers / Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers / Getty Images

I know what you must be asking yourself: well, Dan, what does Pat McAfee have to say about this situation?

I'm glad you asked, Internet reader. McAfee said on Wednesday's edition of The Pat McAfee Show that Rodgers was in Costa Rica on a retreat to use the psychedelic drug ayahuasca when the news broke, per The New York Times.

Great. Thanks for this, Pat.

When Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles injury last season after only four plays as a member of the New York Jets, the NFL world felt terribly for Jets' fans. We all said varying degrees of the same thing to one another: surely, THIS must be as bad as it gets for Jets' fans.

Somehow, someway, 2024 might end up being worse for fans of Gang Green.

I can't believe I have to type this, but, we'll have updates on AARON RODGERS' STATUS AS A CANDIDATE FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES as they become available.

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