Jjimmer, Fredette, will have a documentary premiering this weekend about his life and family. His alma mater, BYU will be behind the feature showcasing the former Cougar's life on and off the court. The documentary will be released on Saturday April 6th at 10pm eastern on BYU.TV. Speaking to BYU.TV, Fredette said this was the hope viewers took away from the upcoming documentary

I want people to come away from the documentary with a positive feeling. I want people to know that things don’t always happen exactly the way that you plan in life, but that doesn’t mean you should quit. Take advantage of the opportunity at hand and if you do things may turn out even better then you could have expected! Everyone experiences that sometime in their life and it’s important how you handle the situation. I hope to show that I did my best with the situation I was given

For more information and exclusive videos, visit the link below.

Earlier this  month, Fredette signed a two year contract with the Phoenix Suns. The second year is a team option for the franchise to keep Fredette's rights. The final regular season game for the Suns this season is Tuesday April 9th against the Dallas Mavericks.

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