Shame on Yankees manager Joe Girardi. After watching Yankee legend Derek Jeter make his comeback against the Kansas City Royals on Thursday, then subsequently get hurt again, Girardi said he will tell the Yankee captain to dial it back a bit. Another words give less an effort. Yeah good luck with that skipper.

I was almost astonished when reading Girardi's comments about Jeter.  The Yankee skipper said  when asked about Jeter  going less then 100%, Girardi said " It's possible. I don't know if he will do it. That's not who he is."   And thank goodness that's not who Jeter is. part of why even Yankee haters admire #2. Shame on Girardi for even suggesting such foolishness!

Girardi went on to say " We will talk to him about it when he does come back, that you have to guard it for awhile."  Such nonsense. How do you even contemplate asking a professional athlete to pull back on how hard you play?

I understand the premise that Girardi is talking about and totally reject his view. Which play does Jeter pull back on? Running hard to 1st base? Trying to score from 2nd on a base hit?  Perhaps not trying to make the jump-pivot throw from the short stop hole? Which play is Jeter supposed to not give a 100% on?

For any coach, manager or leader to even contemplate askign a player to not give his or her all is absurd. The problem or 1 of them we have in sports is players who don't give you all out effort all the time.

Robinson Cano, for his brilliance, doesn't run hard out of the box and it is annoying. You are now asking Jeter to copy that? No chance! I would rather Jeter not play then to ask him to coast or not go full bore every play of every game.

Before Girardi even asks Jeter to pull back a bit he should remind himself that Jeter is admired by millions because he gives full effort all the time. I would rather have a player give me too muvh effort then too little. Will Girardi pull Jeter from a game is he doesn't jog  to 1st out of the batters box?

If Jeter is sore he shouldn't play. if he can't be Jeter then he should sit. Even remotely thinking about asking Jeter to play less then all out is a shameful suggestion and Girardi should scrub the idea before even insultingly asking Jeter not to give his full effort as he has done for 19 years. Shame on you Joe!