14 months. One. Four. Months. That's how long we've waited, breath held, trying not to make a sound, waiting for news on the status of New York Knicks' promising young big-man, Mitchell Robinson.

Earlier today, Leon Rose finally broke the silence, and gave us the update we've been waiting for.

Marc Berman penned a story in The New York Post, chronicling the comments of Rose and the updates on Robinson. The 23-year old center played 31 games in 2020-21, starting 29, before going down with a broken hand and foot. As the months passed, the Knicks continued to contend for a top spot in the Eastern Conference, and did so without their young center. Even as the playoffs came and went, we still knew little about where Mitchell Robinson was in his journey to recover.

As training camp is about to get underway, we have a bit of clarity.

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Now, granted, Leon Rose wasn't overly verbose in his response to the question. On the status of Robinson returning to full strength, he said it was a "work in progress.”

Head coach Tom Thibodeau helped translate that a bit:

“We’re following what our medical people say and not going to rush it and going step by step. That’s the great value of having Taj [Gibson] and Nerlens Noel. We love the depth at that position. (We”re) excited about season and not going to rush. - Tom Thibodeau to the New York Post

Robinson took a huge step forward in his second season in 2019-20, scoring nearly 10 points per game in 61 games, starting just seven. Showing he was worthy of a bit more trust, he was the starter for all but two games he played in last season, totaling 8.3 points per game and grabbing over eight rebounds per game.

His presence was sorely missed, especially in the playoffs, when the young core of Julius Randle and RJ Barrett were outmatched in a number of games because of the Knicks' lack of physicality.

The Knicks are taking their time with his return, and a healthy Robinson will be more than a welcome addition to the Knicks lineup this season.

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