Earlier today on Levack and Goz the guys were joined by Sylvia Mackey, the wife of Pro Football Hall of Famer John Mackey. The Syracuse University graduate discussed what Syracuse University and the football program meant to his late husband.

It was fantastic because he was back on the football field that he played on even though there is a dome over it now. The fans were screaming for him because he was honored at halftime at one of the games and he shook everyone’s hand like he was running for office when he left the field. Football followed him all the way until he couldn’t remember anything at all. He would always hold up his super bowl and hall of fame ring and he would say I ran 75 yards in Super bowl 5. And it was as if he played football almost to the end, as a matter of fact, one day I said to him “honey I think the ravens (we were living in Baltimore) I think the ravens need a tight end this Sunday” he knew enough to say “well only if they’re going to pay me a million dollars!” He knew that the salaries had gone up and to say that and he would sit back and have a confused look on his face and say “but I haven’t practiced?” And you can laugh at those moments even though you know it’s caused by the illness, but it’s a light moment. It’s a moment to enjoy. It’s ok to laugh during tough times.


Sylvia Mackey is now helping wives and family members of former football players with the After the Impact group. Is John  Mackey the greatest tight end in NFL history? Let us know below. Don’t forget you can continue to follow Levack and Goz’s coverge all week long at 1045 theteam.com

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