When Ben McAdoo was introduced as Giants Head Coach he said many things one of the statements that resonated with me. McAdoo said he would have a "Zero Tolerance Policy" when it came to domestic violence. I was very enthusiastic because let's be honest the league has been anything but tough on Domestic Violence. Even with new stricter rules which gives the league the power to suspend a first time offender for six games(more or less pending upon further investigation into case by case situations) the league has not taken much action.

If McAdoo was serious when he said "Zero Tolerance" this wouldn't be a Giants issue right now. Randy Bullock(who you've already paid for the entire season) or some other kicker would be on the job for Big Blue and Josh Brown would either be on another team or who knows. However now the 3-3 New York Giants are preparing for a game against the Rams in London and deciding if a man who admits to domestic violence in letter, emails, journals, police reports and contracts with his then wife and therapist will be on their plane. John Mara said he wants to help Brown and he still can but Brown CAN NOT continue to kick for the Giants. Someone needs to prove they stand up for women...especially while the league is in the middle of a month where they wear and sell pink gear to support the fight against breast cancer.