Please, stop the fight!

Kadarius Toney may have been traded by the New York Giants back in October of 2022, but months later, there still seems to be a considerable amount of bad blood between Toney and the team, and specifically, fans of the team. That animosity spilled over into a now-public fight on social media, and based on reactions by other fans, it seems as though both sides have come out on the losing edge.

So, I'm here to urge both Kadarius Toney, and fans of the New York Giants, to borrow a lesson from the Disney movie Frozen, and let it go already.

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Toney's NSFW Giants Shows He and New York Fans Need to Move On

Below, you'll see a screen-recorded video of a then-private conversation between Kadarius Toney and Twitter user @KayvonOjulari. This video contains VERY vulgar language, so this is your warning before you view it.

Don't say we didn't warn you. Scroll below to check it out:

The NSFW video has since gone viral, and reignited the feud between Toney, a former first round pick of Big Blue, and fans of the team. Toney seems to still hold some animosity toward the franchise for his up-and-down tenure with the Giants.

Fans, meanwhile, seem to jump at every opportunity they get to remind Toney of that fact.

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Personally, I am sick and tired of reading it, hearing it, and talking about it.

Yes, based on draft position, Kadarius Toney would be considered a draft bust for the New York Giants. That said, guess who's fault that is? It's certainly not Kadarius Toney's, that's for sure.

If you want to direct your ire and vitriol toward someone, direct it toward Dave Gettleman, the Giants' general manager at the time, who thought making this pick was a good idea. Toney was hung-out-to-dry by a terrible coaching staff, and didn't mesh well with Daniel Jones from the beginning.

Plus, as soon as Toney began to find his form in New York, he suffered an injury, and seemed to never be the same from that point on.

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So, no, it did not work out for Kadarius Toney in New York, but he's found a new home in Kansas City, and already has a Super Bowl ring for his efforts. The Giants, meanwhile, received draft pick compensation that would in-turn help them bring in TE Darren Waller.

Everyone can be a winner in this scenario, but first, all involved must stop acting like losers. Can we do that much, at least?

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