Some times people make me sick and our society makes me ashamed. The latest 2 examples are  with Kobe Bryant and Mark Sanchez. 1st Kobe. He is getting divorced. Why do I know this well because you can't read a news website, a sports website, a newspaper or watch most TV without seeing this. Is this any of my business? Your Business? Do I care? Do you? No I don't. If you do why do you? Don't you have a life to live? Should Kobe care about your personal life?

Example #2- Mark Sanchez QB of the Jets and very much the  single guy dates woman and hangs with several woman. How do I know? Read it in the NY Post. Seems he had 2 woman up to his hotel room in a 24ish hour span. Heck  I even know what color their hair was thanks to the report. This is journalism? Why is this my business? Yours? Sanchez is single if he wants to play the field hey more power to him. It's so pathetic that the Post even grumbled how their phone calls to Sanchez's reps weren't returned. Really they didn't return your calls. How dare they? I mean NY Post loser who the heck are you to call his reps cause you were snooping behind a potted plant in a hotal lobby and saw him with a few woman. Heck I would have returned the call and told loser "journalist" to take a long walk off the shortest pier they could find.

I think several things are in play here. Top of the list is jealousy. Yes I think people are jealous of the rich and famous. I also believe there is a segment of society that believes since these folks are entertainers and are seen on TV and what not that they have a right to know their personal lives. Is this you?  Why do you think you have a right? Oh go ahead hit me with this they are wealthy and we pay their salaries and all that mumbo jumbo. I genuinly feel sorry for you if you feel this way. You need to GET A LIFE.

I believe everyone-even the President of the United States is entitled to a personal life and private life. When it comes to a politician I do think we are entitled to know more but not everything. But when it comes to athletes I think we are only entitled that they give all out effort and be good folks in their community's be it donating some money and some time to help and inspire young people. They don't have to do the latter but it helps young people especially and it's good for the soul.

1 of the reasons our society is so messed up is because many think they are entitled to know everything about athletes, actors etc etc and it's like a big part of their life instead of making sure their own house is in order. We have become waaaaaaaaaay too nosey as a society and the latest with Kobe and Sanchez confirms it. Do you disagree? if so please let me know or maybe you agree let me know that as well