These are the last 3 minutes and 20 seconds of Kobe Bryant's last game ever. What an ending.

The comments from fans say it all:

Watching it live was unbelievable. Not only 60 pts, but some very clutch plays. Hell of a player who deserves a lot of respect.

Never really liked but always respected kobe. After watching this game, all of that changed. His performance here shows you how truly savage the man is. In a stadium packed with the most powerful people in entertainment, he puts on the best show of all. In what has to be his most important game in years, he snaps and takes the dub in the final moments. An absolutely beautiful and poetic way to end a phenomenal career. Thank you, I truly enjoyed experiencing this moment as an NBA (and now Kobe) fan.

Am I the only one who had a few tears watching this?! savage af!!!!

I can't believe i watched this a movie! tears man!!! Kobe 4 ever

No better picture he could have painted!!! #ripKB24

That was my reaction the day after. I fell asleep prior to the start of the third quarter. I checked the NBA app the next day and was like 'WTF' when I saw that Bean dropped 60! Amazing player and an incredible career.

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