Justify this past Saturday became just the thirteenth winner ever of horse racing Triple Crown. NYRA's and NBC's Larry Collmus joined 104.5 The Team today to discuss the historic figure. What is it like preparing for a big race? Larry discussed the differences in prepping for this race and the Belmont Stakes back in 2015.

"You know a lot of times in a race like that you just want to let everything go and just follow what had during the race. But then at the if history is made you want the right call. The calls would have to be different between American Pharaoh and Justify they could not be the same. You want to be relaxed in the beginning and then ready to go at the end.  Like mike Smith is trying to read justify and I am trying to read myself"

In a rare occurrence, the same over the phone interview guest joined both local shows on 1045 The Team (Big Board Sports and Levack and Goz). To listen to the complete interviews, click the videos below.

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