Bretagne was 16 years old and was the last surviving search and rescue dog from 9/11. As she was walked past a flank of members of the Cy-Fair Volunteer fire department all members saluted, standing at attention to honor this canine hero. She had slowed down quite a bit, but was still a fixture at the fire house right up until her last days. She was a Golden Retriever.

Golden's are amazing dogs. Ive had 4, two of them rescues. I always wanted to be the person my dog thinks I am. Every time I came home, no matter how tough the day was, my Golden's Sofie and Kaly would remind me of the love and devotion the animals had for me.

It is always heartbreaking to have one pass, but that is the way with dogs. Compared to what they give back is worth every tear, and when they serve the fire and police dept, they are every bit a member as any human. So, this is for Bretagne and all other dogs that risk their lives to serve humanity.