Very soon we'll have a conversation about Aaron Boone being the obvious choice for AL Manager of the Year but first let's address AL MVP. There is a clear problem with whoever selected the finalist for AL MVP! I understand arguments can be made for other players but the fact that Yankees' DJ LeMahieu isn't even listed as a finalist is an absolute JOKE!

Mike Trout was amazing for the Angels but they lost the AL West by 35 games! I really don't have an argument against Alex Bregman. The Astros were great and he was a huge part of that. Marcus Semien of the A's? Really???? He was more valuable and got a team farther than DJ LeMahieu did for the Yankees? DJ was the most consistent and available player for the Yankees ALL SEASON! He lead the Yankees in AVG, Hits, Runs, RBI and games played. In a year where 30 Yankees hit the Injured List 39 times LeMahieu was the glue that held them together...dare I say the MVP?! I'd be ok if he didn't win it all but to not even be a finalist is an absolute joke!


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