The experts at Baseball Reference have published their projections for the 2024 Major League Baseball season. Using math equations, they have estimated the highest, and lowest, possible win totals for each of the 30 teams in the league.

That information reached the phones of Yankees' fans, and needless to say, they weren't thrilled with the information they read. Take a look at where the Yankees are slated to finish, per Talkin' Yanks on Twitter:

As a fan of the Boston Red Sox, let me assure you that the Yankees will NOT be the team in last place in the American League East. They may not necessarily finish in first, but I PROMISE you, Alex Cora and his band of merry minor leaguers will finish below them.

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Now, a few fans were quick to point this information out about the legitimacy of the projection model used by Baseball Reference:

It was too late for most, however, as the damage had been done, and they were now upset. Here were a few of our favorite responses to the original tweet from Talkin' Yanks:

The 2024 New York Yankees were already a polarizing group, and that polarization was made worse by the Gerrit Cole injury news. On the positive side, we have the offense, which even without DJ LeMahieu to begin the season, seems poised for a resurgence this year.

That tends to happen when Juan Soto plays on your team.

The bullpen still appears to be in solid shape, despite losing arms like Wandy Peralta. The starting rotation, however, is the true cause of concern for fans of the Bronx Bombers. At their best, pitchers like Rodon, Stroman and Cortes can all dominate on the mound.

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At their worst...well, just keep the Yankees' injured list bookmarked on your phone, just in case.

Despite that uncertainty, I still believe that Baseball Reference's projection of 71.5 wins is an insultingly low total. If Cole returns to the mound, this team should be capable of 95+ wins, and even without him, they should still be able to reach the 90-win threshold.

Due to Cole's injury, they will likely finish in an American League Wild Card spot, and from there, the chase for ring No. 28 will begin.

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