The crazy, complicated life of Lenny Dykstra just got a little bit more complicated.  He was sentenced to three years in jail for attempted auto theft.


Lenny Dykstra, who was once an MLB all-star center fielder and a member of the 1986 New York Mets (who won the World Series), has fallen apart.  Dykstra was thought to be a financial genius in his retired life, but it was all false.  Now Dykstra is broke, and will be spending a few years in jail.

Dykstra was sentenced to three years in a California prison on Monday for attempted auto theft after he provided false financial documents while trying to lease a few vehicles.  Now Lenny has already burned some of the three years due to time served, but he is also set to go on trial in federal bankruptcy court this summer.  Dykstra's troubles are far from over.

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