The New York Jets have recently received heat from fans for their newest off-season acquisition Mike Vick. Unlike the quarterbacks in the Jets' past it's not for his poor performance on the field.

Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for running a dog-fighting ring in 2007. The true crime came after the dogs were done fighting. Dogs that did not perform up to expectations were allegedly killed by electrocution, hanging, drowning and other violent means by the dog-fighting ring.

Since his reinstatement in 2009 back into the NFL, many groups such as PETA, have not been kind to the fact that the NFL gave him employment. Vick has worked with the Humane Society and went on speaking tours after his release and much of the negative attention died down.

But since Vick joined the Jets it seems to be heating up again, as many Jets fans are unable able to forgive Vick for his crimes in the past.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explains how when Vick came to him after he was released from prison he was a different person.

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