Since Jason Collins claimed in his Sports Illustrated piece that he is happy to start the conversation about gays in the locker room and that sort, I am happy to chime in. Of course conversations usually mean you can ask questions, unless of course you are part of the "intolerant-tolerant" community. Yes those that bill themselves as the most "tolerant" are usually the most intolerant of other views. Funny how that works.

Not knowing Collins personally I am guessing he seems like a smart enough fella that questions can be asked so I will fire off a question. At the age of 34, coming close to ending your career perhaps, being a bench player with very little floor time ( played only 6 games for the Wizards after being traded to them by Boston) did Jason Collins make this announcement based on principles? Did he make this announcement now because he felt the time is right? Or perhaps did he do it now cause his career is in it's sunset and this announcement assures he will get another contract? All fair in discussion.

Here is what I mean. Sadly like the boy that cried wolf, discrimination has become a multi billion dollar business. Oh sure ask the discrimination hucksters. No minority, be they Black, Hispanic, Jew, Muslim, etc has been fired for incompetence or not rehired cause of being incompetent..No no no not possible. With the discrimination hucksters there is always an another  motive. If Collins doesn't get an offer will it lead to a discrimination lawsuit? My senses, based mostly on a dislike of the hucksters, a distrust of the hucksters, tells me this scenario is possible. Not knowing Collins, but knowing how the hucksters operate this is a fair question in my opinion.

Collins seems authentic. He explains why he waited until now to " Come out of the closet" as the saying goes. If so good for him.

However call me a cynic. The discrimination hucksters are the same as the race hucksters. They live to shake people down and brand people even if they are wrong. Sort of like a defense lawyer. The truth can't set you free so muck up the proceedings and make it about more then guilt or innocence. Sad my friends but see the OJ defense for proof just to name 1.

I hope Collins is authentic. He will now be used by the opportunists. Used might be a strong word cause it seems to me he is ready to face the questions and prepared for the naysayers and blowback. He seems prepared. His intelligence cannot be questioned. You generally don't get to Stanford unless you have brains and the ability to use it. Collins is an impressive fella. His piece in SI was well written, thoughtful, engaging, left you with a few laughs, and very compelling.

Sadly the rights for Gays have become a political issue which I won't write about. However in a country where baseball used to be the great American past time it is now suing. Suing has become the great American past time. Everyone is a "victim" according to the hucksters. Merit or lack of it have no place in the workplace. Everyone hates you because of ( fill in the blank). Pathetic to be sure but very very true.

Will teams worry about how players will react to Collins, now an openly gay man. Will that stop teams from signing Collins? Fair question. Will NBA commish David Stern, if this scenario takes place, pressure a team to sign Collins? Fair question. Is Collins worthy from strictly a basketball stand point worthy of a new deal? Fair question.

Lot's of fair questions if indeed as Collins states we are ready to start a discussion on the issue. Sadly in today's intolerant America ( Led by of course those who claim tolerance) questions become accusations. Questions become "bigotry." Questions become threatening.

Oh I am ready for this conversation and eager to see where it goes from here. I just hope Collins is authentic about the "conversation" he says he wants to have.