The weekend is officially on the way and it's time for Levack and Goz to deliver to you "What To Watch". Make sure you are listening at 4:30pm online at or on the free 1045 The Team app to find out what you need to make sure to see/this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Is it the best sporting event of the week? A new television show debut? Or a great movie that everyone is talking about?
To hear an abbreviated version of this week's on-air edition, check out the below video on the official 1045 The Team facebook page.
Levack and Goz deliver you what to watch, while Dom's Pizza delivers your pizza.  Dom’s Pizza found in Latham & Stillwater where it is the home of twenty-four cut. You can also find them online at 
Did Levack and Goz miss something this weekend that everyone needs to be watching? If so, let us know below.

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