Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
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This past Tuesday, Levack and Goz made their weekly appearance on the Upstate Sports Edge on the CW15. The host, Jason Lewis, wanted to find out about both of the guy's bracket. Following two rounds, Goz has had a better bracket than Jeff Levack, but not as good as the bracket of his daughter Ella Levack. (Ella was spotted twenty six points by Goz in their on air bet from last week). The guys then dived into a discussion about the New York Giants and Jets. Why are so many former Jets signing up to play with the Big Blue this off season? Plus Didi Gregorius has been injured for the New York Yankees and is rumored to be out of the lineup until at least May, Who will take Didi's spot? Is the full youth movement on the way this season for the Yankees? Find out in this link below.

Or you can click on the video below. Remember to catch the Upstate Sports Edge every weekday starting at 1030pm on the CW15..


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