The 2020 NFL Draft officially gets underway tonight. Don't forget, you can listen to coverage of all seven rounds of this year's NFL Draft thanks to Katy O'Byrne's. What will happen in this year's first round? Goz from Levack and Goz was recently a part of the Zoom NFL Draft call with the CBS 6's Upstate Sports Edge show.

To watch the complete segment with Goz (and his quarantine beard), Chet Davis and Gardner Royce, click on the video link below.


Yes, Tua Tagovailoa may be the quarterback that has the most excitement in regards to where he may land. Jalen Hurts seems to be the most interesting player in the late first round. Could he be a Patriot? Ben Roethlisberger's replacement? CeeDee Lamb had the most outstanding season for Oklahoma but will he be the first wide receiver off the board? Should Jets fans want Jerry Jeudy or Lamb?

What are your thoughts on the overall CBS6 mock draft? What picks would you change? What will be the biggest suprise of this year's draft?

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