Lil Wayne’s beefs extend further than the rap world. His current feud is not with a rhyme-slinger, it’s with the Miami Heat and the NBA. Weezy claims he was kicked out of a Miami Heat game because he chose to root for the Los Angeles Lakers. During an NBA All Star Weekend performance, he lead the crowd in anti-heat and anti-league chants.

“The Miami Heat told them to ban me. When I say ‘f---‘, you say ‘NBA. When I say ‘f---‘, you say ‘Miami Heat.’”

He also got real personal, claiming to have been intimate with Miami Heat player, Chris Bosh’s wife. “F--- all them n-----. F--- LeBron James. F--- Wade. F--- Chris Bosh, all them n-----. And, and and… and I f---ed Chris Bosh’s wife!"

The comment received an outstanding “OOOHHHH!” from the crowd. I’m sure the dinosaur-looking Bosh has come to expect jabs like this from on-court trash talkers like Kevin Garnett, but from a famous rapper? Ouch…

Adrienne Bosh has yet to respond but she has since re-tweeted positive messages.  One of which came from Dwayne Wade's actress girlfriend, Gabrielle Union.