Chris Bosh is often a forgotten man on the Miami Heat, living in the shadows of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as the third member of the Big Three. However, I don't recall LeBron or Wade ever having to avenge their father's death through an adventure in the multiverse as Bosh had to do in this animated short film.

This is the weirdest video of all time, right? It has to be. It's fantastic and internet gold, but still the weirdest video of all time.

My favorite parts were easily when they cut to live action to show Bosh faking an injury so he could train to defeat the evil sorceress, and Mike Miller hitting a three in the NBA Finals while his body was inhabited by the Wolf man. I'll be honest, that was the funniest sentence I've ever written.

As great as the film is, Chris Bosh is not happy about it. He has ordered a cease and desist letter towards the creator of the video, someone who goes by the name Bleeding Palm.

I'm not sure why Bosh is so upset about this. After all, they called him an above average power forward! That's kind of nice, right?