Well Jeremy Lin most of us Knick fans loved you and appreciate the excitement you brought to New York. Lin leaves the Knicks and the owner is already starting the lies to cover his ineptitude.

I love the propaganda coming out of the Knicks office. That Lin would have cost the Knicks 43 million in the last year. This is a lie. The Knicks collectivly will be over the cap, not just because of Lin's contract. The entire payroll of all the contracts put together put the Knicks over the cap not just Lins contract. Except this is a bigger lie. Most of the Knicks contracts ends after 3 more years. That is Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and a few others. It is not-repeat not Lin's contract that takes the Knicks over the cap and into luxury tax hell.

So now Jeremy Lin leaves and goes to Houston. For all those that claimed it was a bad deal for NY  I wrote about that yesterday. Not true. The entire Lin package  and what he brings to the table make it a great deal for the Knicks.

However it is my belief that Dolan didn't like the fact that Lin dared to go on the market and look for a deal which he could as a free agent. little Jimmy Dolan is mad.. Waaah little Jimmy you liar. Your poor little feelings were hurt. How dare Lin go on the market and look for a deal.

Yeah all of a sudden Jim Dolan who handed out bad deals for Eddie Curry, Jerome James, Stephon Marbury, Tracy McGrady and many many others is all of a sudden frugal? LOL...NOT! This was about his ego plain and simple. You don't go on the market on little Jimmy Dolan. Like he is some mofia boss.

So Lin takes his game, his improving game to Houston, a team in total turmoil after selling out to try and get Dwight Howard. The Rockets have dealt away almost their entire roster. many good players.

For those who claimed it was a bad deal-really?  Lin had virtually the same numbers as John Wall, the top pick 2 years ago. Wall averaged 16 points and 6 assists last year. Lin as basically a rookie put up 17 and 7 last year.

I dont even need to go into what Lin brings off the court. A dream for marketers. The  cash was flowing because of Lin.

James Dolans ego has cost the Knicks a solid player and a great story. The Knicks hope to get by with Ray felton who I like and Jason Kidd who is a bum. See his weekend arrest for being so drunk he had to have help to get into his SUV after leaving a club over the weekend.

Goodbye Jeremy and thanks for the great but brief run. It was Linsane!