Two Super Bowls. Two MVPs in those Super Bowls. And both wins of the comeback variety against the greatest quarterback of all-time and the NFL's version of a dynasty in the last 16 years. Overrated? Despite all that, Giants quarterback Eli Manning landed on a list of the most overrated players by a national NFL writer for Bleacher Report.

Brad Gagnon weighed perception vs reality with extensive stats to compile his list of the 8 most overrated players in the NFL, which you can find here:

Topping the list is Ravens QB Joe Flacco. You'll remember Flacco bet on himself successfully, playing out his contract with Baltimore and winning the Super Bowl in the final year of that deal before getting a previously unavailable mega deal. Second on that list, however came as a surprise to me and I'm sure most Giants fans. Eli Manning.

How could this be? Brad Gagnon joined us on Big Board Sports to explain.

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