I saw the real estate listing for Whiskey Island it immediately piqued my interest.

See, I love whiskey and bourbon so in my head I was picturing whiskey waterfalls and hot and cold running whiskey from the cabin faucets. Although that would be really cool that's not what Whiskey Island is....it's actually an old bootlegger's hideout from the Prohibition Era that you could own. If you're not quite ready to buy Whiskey Island with a $2.95 million dollar price tag you can also rent it by the week.

Back in the 1870s Whiskey Island was originally known as Coral Island. It was surrounded by a maze of rocks and shoals. The rocks and shoals created a natural deterrent and since Whiskey Island is in the middle of the St. Lawrence River between Canada and the U.S. it became the main "drop and run" spot for smugglers and rum-runners during Prohibition. According to the Whiskey Island Lodge website the code to other rumrunners, “Whiskey Island” was adapted to let them know where goods could be stored and recovered if the law was getting in the way....and with that, the name stuck.

Now, after changing hands from several generations and several families it is now up for sale for $2.95 million. You can also rent the island for a mere $8,500 a week. Whiskey not included. The new listing can be found at www.newyorkpriviateisland.com

Check out the pictures of this amazing piece of Prohibition history. The custom Whiskey Island wood inlay on the entrance floor is really cool. It kinda looks like there would be a trap door under it....full of whiskey? You'll have to buy Whiskey Island to find out.

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