Steve Dagostino has been very active during this pandemic helping out young kids stay active and helping their basketball games in a time where the gyms are closed. This past Monday there was a really good program that Dags put together that included plenty of basketball stars in the eyes of the Capital Region. Listen above to Dags on not only how all that went down but about how you can get your kids involved as well!


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: You can’t help but be encouraged when Governor Cuomo says he will allow and help Major League sports leagues to return, without fans. MLB is getting closer to a July start, and when that happen others will follow. I fully believe the NBA and NHL will have an ending to their seasons. Still waiting on official word that NYRA will hold the Saratoga meet in Saratoga starting a July 16th. I have come to gripe, barring a miracle, there will be no fans allowed.

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