Every year people, livestock, apps and video games attempt to predict the outcome the SUPER BOWL. Every year the fine people at EA Sports run a simulation of that year's Super Bowl and they've been pretty accurate. As a matter of fact the game has been right 10 of the last 15 years. So who does Madden think will win it all this year at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday?

First I'd like to point out in 2015 not only was Madden right but it nailed the final score, Patriots 28-24 over the Seahawks. However last year the game predicted a 24-20 Patriots win over the Eagles when we all know the Eagles pulled off a 41-33 win. Okay now that we've covered all of that here's the prediction. Madden predicts the Patriots will take 17-3 at the half BUT the Rams will pull off a 30-27 win. The game also predicts a great game and MVP for Rams defender Aaron Donald.

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