NFL's Opening Night is an absolute spectacle! Last night might have been the biggest example of that I've ever had "the pleasure" of attending. I'm not sure whether the layout or the attendance of Mark Summers and an actual "Double Dare" stage, as well as Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmell show, caused the mayhem but it was tough to get one on one time with anyone. Imagine my surprise when Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels came walking up to me and sat down.

The Pats OC was really open and willing to converse. That is if you believe he loves every member of the Patriots. Josh McDaniels laughed off my attempt to get him to jokingly call Tom Brady a bum. I knew it was a long shot but at least he seemed to enjoy the joke. His love for both Brady and Tight End Rob Gronkowski is clear. When asked about Gronk's blocking ability McDaniels gave rave reviews. Listen to the full interview here.

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