An amazing story about a man and a grizzly bear.

From Youtube:

Man saved a bear cub and after 6 years the bear became an adult and loves the man to pieces. Both the man and the bear play fight together, walk around the woods together and stay in one house as best buddies. Kindness has no price and even wild animals treat you back the way you treat them. No animals is bad, it's us human who treat them badly and then expect them to be nice in return. Love and care is all we need.

I know this is an unusual post for me, but I think it's important. In this video, a man who rescued a grizzly cub remained life-long friends even after the bear was released into the wild. In one scene this huge bear is in the guy's house at his dining room table. How we teat animals has a lot to do with how they treat us. When you abuse an animal you lose a little bit of your soul.