Yes, I am a diehard Seattle Mariners fan. I rep the team gear and the hats proudly, despite the M's not having made the playoffs since 2001.

That said, I also have a hat of every major league baseball team. And I like to wear most of those hats, in the right circumstances, to show them off.

Zach has given me endless grief for this because he says that I'm not a real fan if I can openly wear others teams apparel.

But I told him my rules: I won't wear the hat of the team that the Mariners are playing and I won't wear hats of the teams the Mariners are trying to catch in the standings.

Zach continued to call out my fanhood and he angered the wrong person! Mama Fark heard Zach badgering me and called into defend me and put Zach in his place.

LISTEN to the exchange here: