A Vermont man was arrested on Tuesday, and was charged with stalking an Upstate New York woman. While the "what" of this story is truly disturbing, the "how" of this story makes it even more bizarre.

We have the latest updates on a criminal that has been hiding in "plane" sight in Upstate New York.

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Vermont Man Accused of Stalking Upstate NY Woman with Small Cessna Plane

No, really, you read that headline correctly.

A story from New York Upstate told the story of 65-year old Vermont resident Michael Arnold, who appeared in court on Wednesday after being charged on Tuesday with aggravated stalking, impeding, false information to a police officer, and resisting arrest.

That was the "what", but here is the "how" part of this story.

The man, who is a licensed pilot, would take off in a single-engine Cessna 180 out of William H. Morse State Airport in southern Vermont, and fly all the way to Schuylerville, New York.

Here is where the airport is located in Vermont:

He would proceed to fly his plane over a residential area in Schuylerville where the unnamed female victim lived. FBI authorities in Albany, NY had been investigating Arnold as a result of this behavior, as he had been doing this for multiple years, according to reports.

Arnold had already been served with a temporary order of protection from a court in Saratoga, New York at the time of his arrest, according to NY Upstate's report. So, it's fair to say that multiple branches of law enforcement were aware of his behavior, and with one false move, Arnold was going to be arrested.

Now, the legal battle begins. More to come.

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