Just when it looked like we were out of the woods and escaping winter's grip, we are getting shown why it is 'Spring of Deception.'


By this point, you have probably seen the popular meme detailing the multiple stages of winter to spring and back to winter, and we are about to go from 'Spring of Deception' to 'Third Winter.'

Yes, after getting fooled that spring was here with a decent stretch of milder temperatures winter will be coming back in a big way to kick off next week. I guess March came in like a lion and will go out like a lion!

How Cold Will It Be In Albany This Week?

Widespread Snowfall Hits The UK
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According to the Weather Channel, we can expect spring-like temperatures to kick off the weekend Saturday with a high of 51. But then things go south making you wish you lived further south. We will cool down Sunday with a high of 39, then things will get downright blustery with cold and wind Monday and a high of only 24 during the day. Chances are we could end up breaking some records for cold in and around Albany on Monday, as our coldest March 28th on record also had a high of 24, according to the National Weather Service.  Our typical high this time of year is 50 degrees.

Here is also the National Weather Service outlook for next week as well:


So one again the crazy stages of Upstate New York winters are playing out! The good news is this cold spell should only last a couple of days, with a high of 37 Tuesday followed by temperatures getting back to more seasonal levels later next week.

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